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  • When do I need financial planning?

    We help our clients at all stages of the financial planning cycle. So, for example, when you’re younger and starting a business and a family, you’re going to need more protection and insurances and make sure that everything’s well covered. As you develop through your working life, you’ll have more money to commit to investments and savings for retirement.  You’ll also want to look at tax planning during this period. Finally, when you’re approaching retirement and thinking about exit planning, you’ll need to have a full overview of what you have and seriously consider how it’s going to work for you. Again, we can help with that and maximise what you get as you move forward into retirement.

  • Do you charge a fee to provide advice?

    We do not charge a fee for an initial consultation and summary of advice, outlining all the areas of financial planning which we suggest. Only if you wish to take things forward, after everything is fully discussed, would fees apply for our services. We can provide details of our fee structure on request.

  • Should I review my insurances?

    You should be reviewing your insurances every few years because your circumstances change.  For example, your income and your liabilities might be different now to what they were a couple of years ago.  We would always suggest that you have a look with a financial adviser every few years and we can do this for you free of charge, making sure that everything is in line with your allowances and your requirements.

  • How do I plan for retirement?

    When you are planning for retirement, you should be looking several years ahead and considering the time that you want to exit from your business. You should plan saving enough money and using all of the allowances available to you – e.g pension allowance and tax relief while you’re still working.  Don’t worry if you’re not sure how best to plan as we can advise on all this and can help make it a smooth process for you.

  • How do I use my pensions and NHS pension?

    We help many clients with their pension planning. You might already have a personal pension or NHS pension, but do you know what it’s worth? Do you know what benefits you’re going to get? Do you know what options you have for taking the money?  There was a massive reform in personal pensions in 2015 so you now have full flexibility about how and where you take the money or you can leave it invested. Most people aren’t aware of this so it’s important you look into your own options.  The same applies if you have an NHS pension so we can help advise accordingly on your best options.

  • Should I review my existing investments?

    You should always be making sure that your investments and pensions are assessed regularly to ensure that they are performing as they should be. As well as checking performance, you also need to check risk. If you’re taking lots of risks with your investments, you might not realise how much they’re going up and down. Finally, investment costs should be assessed regularly with most modern investment offering much lower charges than old style investment products. It’s important to look at this with a financial professional so they can advise you accordingly.

  • Why do I need a Will?

    Having an up to date and comprehensively written will in place ensures that your assets pass to your chosen beneficiaries when you die. It may sound logical that your assets will automatically be passed on to your family as you would want but dying intestate (without a will) may mean that your spouse doesn’t inherit all of your estate and may mean your children are not looked after. You should certainly have a will in place as soon as you have a family, and have it reviewed and updated every few years to make sure it is still absolutely relevant. FTA Financial & Wealth Management work with associated professionals who can construct a will to protect your family and make sure your wishes are fulfilled on death. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation and we will help make sure your will meets your requirements.

  • Will my family inherit if I don’t have a Will?

    Unfortunately, if you pass away without having a Will in place, it may mean that your assets are passed on to your chosen beneficiaries.  It is vitally important that you have a Will in place as soon as you have a family and that it is reviewed every few years to ensure it is still relevant. Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation and we will help make sure your will meets your requirements.

  • What is a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

    A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal agreement for somebody to be appointed in charge of a person’s financial and personal affairs in the event of their mental or physical incapacity. This is essential for the wellbeing of that person as without assistance they may see personal and financial decisions made (or not made) on their behalf by people who are not best placed to look after their interests and wellbeing. FTA Financial & Wealth Management work with associated professionals who can construct a lasting power of attorney to ensure your business, estate, and affairs are looked after in the event of your incapacitation so if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us.

  • Why is it important to have business protection/insurance?

    The death or illness of key personnel within a business can have a major impact on productivity, leaving an issue with expensive measures of replacement. The loss of a business owner may leave surviving shareholders struggling to acquire the shares and there is no guarantee that family members inheriting shares will fit in with the existing shareholders or have the business’s best interests at heart. You can protect against this through setting up a simple policy to provide payment in these eventualities, helping your business continue its profitability throughout difficult periods. Proper financial advice should be sought as the policies must be set up to pay the capital to the right person at the right time and not cause any hiccups to business operations. Contact us today for a no-obligation business protection review.