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No-one enjoys paying tax and as a successful professional, you may have very large tax liabilities. There are many ways you can save tax through financial planning, a few methods are shown below:

Income Tax
Making pension contributions can help reduce income tax liabilities. You can also reduce further through other investments into products which receive government sanctioned income tax relief, such as Enterprise Investment Schemes and Venture Capital Trusts.
We also work with clients throughout retirement to ensure their income tax liabilities stay as low as possible when taking income.

Capital Gains Tax
You can defer payment of capital gains tax with investments into Enterprise Investment Schemes, especially beneficial if you sell property whilst you are still working and your tax liabilities are higher.
We also work with clients to ensure their portfolios are managed so as not to exceed the capital gains tax allowance, therefore not creating additional tax liabilities.

Inheritance Tax
This tax is considered excessive to a lot of people, a second tax on capital you have already paid tax on! There are many ways that you can reduce your inheritance tax liabilities through investments which receive ‘business relief’ (no IHT applicable after 2 years) and also with trust planning and gifting. Our clients have advice to ensure that they pay as little inheritance tax as possible and their families receive the maximum inheritance.

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