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We have 30 years experience advising healthcare and medical professionals and helping put their families and businesses in the best position. If you are a medical professional you will understand the importance of specialist advice for your situation.

Some of the specialist areas we advise on which may not be covered by other advice firms are listed below:

  • NHS Pension

We have advised on the NHS pension for a wide range of clients over many years and have assessed all the recent changes, including the McCloud judgement for our clients. We regularly have clients move to us from other IFAs due to our expertise in this area, which is essential to ensure you are fully informed and take appropriate action to manage your pension and tax positions in the optimal way.

  • Medical Business Sale and Purchase planning

We deal with many clients buying or selling medical businesses (dental, pharmacy, GP etc) and know the best strategies when entering or leaving a business of this type to maximise your wealth and protect your family.

  • Insurances

You will have specialist requirements as medical professionals and you have access to specialist products only available to medical professionals. Our experience is key to making sure you set up the optimal plan to protect your business and family.

Whatever stage you are at in your life, we will be able to help guide you on the right path so you are safe in the knowledge you have the advice you need from a firm who has worked with many people in your position.

Get in touch with us today on 0330 053 5475 for more advice.