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FTA Financial & Wealth Management are independent financial advisers and not tied to a single provider. When we make an investment recommendation we will look at the tax-efficiency of the product, the cost-efficiency of the provider and the suitability of the investment strategy, all whilst ensuring that it is absolutely the best product to meet your objectives.

Now that interest rates on cash deposits are so low you may be looking at different ways to get returns on your capital. Cash provides an essential liquidity within your portfolio, however keeping large sums held in the bank may mean you fail to keep pace with inflation. With the right savings and investment advice you can make the most of your capital and meet your objectives, whether you are a cautious or adventurous investor there is a suitable strategy for you.
You may have already set-up investments and left these to grow. Just because your investments have grown in value doesn’t mean that they are fulfilling their capability, you may also have adversely high charging affecting your net growth. You must review your investment portfolio regularly to ensure it is still suitable and in line with your risk profile. Active management is essential for getting the most out of your funds and we can provide ongoing service to help manage your investments and help you reach your saving goals.
Tax efficiency is also an important part of investing and planning should be conducted to ensure you do not have adverse taxation during an investment or when you choose to withdraw capital. If you are a high taxpayer there are various investment strategies which can provide you with effective tax-efficiency and even tax-relief. Tax legislation is constantly evolving so proper financial planning should be performed to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and are not caught out when you need to take income from your investments.
Below are just some of the various investment options available:
Individual Savings Accounts
General Investment Accounts
Investment Bonds
Offshore Investments
Discretionary Portfolio Managers
Venture Capital Trusts
Enterprise Investment Schemes
Inheritance Tax Portfolios
Alternative Investment Market Portfolios
Not all the investments listed above are suitable for every investor. You should seek financial advice before deciding to invest capital to ensure it is a suitable strategy for you.
EIS and VCT investments carry associated risks and are not suitable for every investor. The tax treatment of such investments depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in future.
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Please be aware that investments can fall, as well as rise, and that you may not get back the full amount invested.
We have made great efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided but do not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions. This website is intended to provide information of a general nature and the contents are not suitable for everyone. We strongly recommend that you take appropriate professional independent advice before entering any obligations or transactions.