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We would like to keep you updated on how financial markets are performing throughout the covid-crisis.

Markets have been given a boost recently by good news on the vaccine front, with investors reacting positively to improved prospects for economic growth. A full economic recovery was always going to be largely dependent on a vaccine being widely available to control the covid virus and the recent announcements make this a real probability over the next few months. This recent growth comes on top of good performance in the past few months and financial markets are now in a strong position overall.

Investors are looking to benefit from this market positivity by investing in areas which still have the most value and potential to recover, sectors such as UK/European equities, Property and Energy.  Portfolio managers who allocated heavily towards US stocks during the recovery this summer are now diversifying into different areas with growth potential.

Check how your investments are performing

If you have existing investments or pensions you should be reviewing how these are invested and performing at this stage. An actively managed investment portfolio should be able to adjust allocations between investments to take advantage of market conditions in order to limit losses in volatile times and excel in the upturn. You should also be carefully assessing the amount of risk that you are taking with your investments and ensuring this is in line with your objectives and requirements.

Any person in a position to invest capital should also be assessing the opportunities available, as there are still good opportunities for long-term growth, with a number of sectors still offering value and the potential for large gains.

If you would like a free consultation, including analysis of your current investments, please contact us to arrange a call with one of our advisers.

Performance Figures

We have included below the mixed-investment sector performance graphs for the last 1 and 5 years. We have also included a 10-year performance table with full details about the performances of these sectors.

UT Mixed Investment 0-35% shares (blue) = Cautious to Moderate Risk

UT Mixed Investment 20-60% shares (red) = Moderate Risk

UT Mixed Investment 40-85% shares (black) = Moderate to Adventurous Risk

(information gathered today using FE Analytics – prices as of close of 23/11/2020)

1 year performance chart





5 year performance chart






10 year performance table






As you can see from the table and graphs above, we are in a positive position over the last year and long-term performance is very strong.

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