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The death or illness of key personnel within a business can have a major impact on productivity, leaving an issue with expensive measures of replacement. The loss of a business owner may leave surviving shareholders struggling to acquire the shares and there is no guarantee that family members inheriting shares will fit in with the existing shareholders or have the business’s best interests at heart.

You can protect against this through setting up a simple policy to provide payment in these eventualities, helping your business continue it’s profitability throughout difficult periods. Proper financial advice should be sought as the policies must be set up to pay the capital to the right person at the right time and not cause any hiccups to business operations.

You can also use protection as an employee benefit, which can be a useful tool to attract the right personnel to your company. You can set up life insurance, critical illness insurance and private medical insurance to ensure your employees feel looked after and valued to the company.

There are lots of business protection options and these can be cost-efficient and tax-efficient when professional advice is sought and everything is set up correctly.

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