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Whether you are looking to maximise your retirement savings for the future or you wish to ensure your current pensions are suitable for you, FTA Financial & Wealth Management can help you with your pension planning.

Pensions should form a part of everyone’s financial planning and the earlier you start, the more you could benefit. Personal Pensions are now the most tax-efficient and effective financial planning product, with tax-relief on contributions, tax-efficient growth, full flexibility on pension income and no inheritance tax applicable. Your retirement income should ideally last throughout retirement and substantial sums may be required to provide you with your required capital. If you start contributing 15-20+ years before retirement then you have more chance of reaching your objectives, however even if you are later in life there are still constructive steps you can take to increasing your pension pot, including carry-forward of previously unused allowances.

If you already hold pension savings and are approaching retirement then FTA Financial & Wealth Management can help you ensure they are suitable for your requirements, both now and when you choose to start taking pension income. There are many different types of pensions, from simple to versatile, with features available which you can utilise before retirement to aid you financially. FTA Financial & Wealth Management can help review your pensions and your retirement plan to help you stay on track.

Questions answered with an FTA Financial & Wealth Management Pension Review:
How much should I contribute?
What’s the most suitable pension for me now and in retirement?
How and when should I take my retirement income?
How should I invest my pension money?
Are my pensions within the Lifetime Allowance?
Is my current pension performing well?
Does my current pension have high charges?
Can I access my choice of retirement income with my current pension?

Contact us today for a free, no obligation Pension Planning consultation and let us help you plan for retirement.

Please be aware that investments can fall, as well as rise, and that you may not get back the full amount invested.